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Router Bits 


Whether you are using a hand router or a CNC machining center, we have the proper tool to fit your needs. With our extensive inventory and a knowledgeable sales staff, we are confident that we will be able to assist you on choosing the right tool for your particular application.

  Router Bit Types

  • Carbide Tipped

  • Spiral Bits

  • Insert Tool

  • High Speed Steel

  • CNC Tooling

  • PCD Tooling

  • Custom Tools

Router Bit Brands

  • Amana Tool

  • FS Tool

  • Vortex

  • Southeast Tool

  • Whitside Machine

  • Freud

    And More

Drill Bits & Boring Tools


Cammel Saw has a wide range of drilling and boring tools available, from CNC applications to metal

fabricating. We have a wide range of drills in stock and an extensive vendor supply with minimal lead times. Contact us for your drilling needs.

  Drill Bit Types

  • Twist Drills

  • Brad Points

  • Counter Sinks

  • CNC Metric Boring Bits

  • Carbide Boring Bits

  • Forstner Bits

  • Hole Saws

  • Muti-Tooth Bits

  • Auger Bits

  • Line Boring

  • Slugger Bits

  • Masonry Drills

  • Step Drills

  • Custom Drills

Drill Bit Brands

  • Amana Tool

  • FS Tool

  • W.L. Fuller

  • Southeast Tool

  • International Tool Manufacturing

  • Ohio Drill

  • MK Morse

  • Alfra

  • HTC

    And Much More

Weekly pickup and delivery available in our service area.

Commercial shipping available outside our delivery area.

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