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Our circular blade sharpening will give you blades that cut like new, at a fraction of the cost.


Circular Saw Blade Sharpening

We realize that your saws are a critical component of your manufacturing process and that is why we have developed a 7 step program to ensure that your saw blades perform like new when returned. Here is a quick look at some of that process:

  • Inspection of saw condition

  • Saw body trueness check

  • Sharpening on one of our state of the art CNC machines

  • Final inspection to ensure the highest quality edge was achieved

By paying close attention to the details,we are able to achieve like-new or even better than new cutting condition for your saws. This increases your profits:

  1. ​Achieving a keen cutting edge increases tools productivity

  2. Cleaner cuts reduces need for secondary operation and results in higher quality product

  3. Properly sharpened tooling  increases the lifespan, decreasing your new tooling cost

  4. Reduced your machines' downtime for blade changes increases your product output

Custom Circular Saw Blades

We have the capabilities and the knowledge, within our facility, to manufacture custom saw blades to meet your particular application and specifications. You can rest assured that your custom saw will be manufactured to precise tolerances out of the best quality materials. Please contact us to discuss your custom tooling needs.

New Saw Blades - Top Brands - Great Prices

We offer a wide array of new saw blade products from all major manufacturers, including: FS Tool Amana Tool, A.G.E. by Amana 

Tenryu, Freud, Leitz Tooling and more. Please contact our professional sales staff for pricing and application needs.

Weekly pickup and delivery available in our service area.

Commercial shipping available outside our delivery area.

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